Dairy Products

  • Flavored Milk

    Packing in 1000ml volumes in Tetra Aseptic Packing Flavored Milk is made from the highest quality standardized milk (3.5% fat) and is carefully formulated and processed to produce an unparallel high quality, great tasting flavored milk. While using d...

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  • Nurpur Butter

    Two Types of Butter: White Butter packed in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packing Yellow Butter packed in 10 gms, 20 gms, 50 gms, 100gms, 200 gms in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packing Nurpur is one of the leading producers of butter and butter products in Pakistan, processed fr...

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  • TOP
  • Whole Pasteurized Milk

    Packed in 1000ml, 500ml volumes in handy and hygienic packaging. Nurpur Whole Pasteurized Milk has 3.5% Butter Fat and 9% SNF, free from additives. Whole pasteurized Milk has a very creamy and rich flavor and many essential vitamins and minerals. Nur...

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  • UHT Milk

    UHT Milk: Packed in 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml volumes in Tetra Brik Aseptic Packing Ultra High Temperature treated milk products will easily keep for more than three months outside the refrigerator. Standardized at 3.5% fat and 9% SNF, Nurpur has capt...

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