Nurpur Butter

Two Types of Butter: White Butter packed in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packing
Yellow Butter packed in 10 gms, 20 gms, 50 gms, 100gms, 200 gms in 1 Kg and 5 Kg packing

Nurpur is one of the leading producers of butter and butter products in Pakistan, processed from the best fresh milk. With 80% fat in Nurpur Butter, not only you will get energy but also body required essential fatty acids. Our butter is made from cows, which roam freely and eat fresh green grass all year round. That’s what gives Nurpur butter the rich, creamy taste that nature intended. Nurpur butter is available in consumer packaging and for industrial processors. Innovation is the main focus. Primary examples include the yellow butters in tubs available under the “Nurpur butter” brand name. In Pakistan, Nurpur markets a range of premium butters. Nurpur also exports butter to many countries.

Spread the golden goodness of Nurpur Butter and relish the very special delight of its rich creamy taste. You never had it better.