Nurpur Cheese

Delicious Cheeses :

Three types of Cheese:

Cheddar cheese packed in slices with weight of 200gms, and 1000gms while in cakes with 225gms and 2000gms
Cottage cheese packed in cakes with weight of 200gms
Spicy cheddar cheese packed in cakes weight 225gms

Rich source of protein especially casein protein deficiency is fulfilled by cheese. Cheddar and Cottage cheese produced from fresh milk. Nurpur offers a wide range of delicious cheeses in market. Nurpur’s deliciously unique Cheddars are slow matured for a superior taste. They’re made the right way for a fuller flavour and a taste you can trust. All cheeses are made from fresh pasteurized cow milk, each subject to a different process to ensure unique taste and presentation.